Ragnhild Adelheid Holten

Ragnhild Adelheid Holten paints in the northern part of Norway, inspired by the Arctic`s changing seasons.

`My work is a study of painterly processes where the painting occurs in a dynamic balance between liberated action and intellectual scrutiny. The result is an abstract understanding of figurative elements from the northern Norwegian landscape which I am exposed to daily.

Colour is of spiritual importance to my work. I manipulate hue and nuance until I achieve a strong resonance with my perception of what I want convey in my painting.

The common ground of my paintings are the observed variations in nature. The impulses are ranging from the sensing of underlying processes and structures, to the observation of visual form, phenomena, ambience and season. These elements are brought to play in the visual field of the canvas. `

The greek consept `Meraki`, meaning ; The essence of oneself poured into ones work. -This is of great importance to me.


Ragnhild Adelheid Holten  2018












contact: adholten@gmail.com